33 Ways to Advertise in Melton (for 2019)

In this post, your going to learn 33 different ways to advertise a business in Melton.

With several businesses closing down recently, I wanted to provide owners a handy list of ways to connect with the residents of this city.

So if you run a business in Melton and want more customers, keep reading.

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How to Advertise for Free in Melton

Let’s start with 9 ways that you can advertise for free in Melton.

1. Advertise on Council Directory

The first way to promote a local business in Melton is to create a listing on the City of Melton directory.

It’s free, only takes a few minutes and places your business on one of the most visited websites in the region.

You can apply to advertise your business in the City of Melton directory here.

Here’s an example of Bespoke Framing’s business listing on the council’s directory.

City of Melton Local Directory Listing Example

– It’s free and easy
– City of Melton is one of Melton’s highest visited websites.
– None really, I highly recommend it.

2. Advertise on Local Noticeboards

There are four local noticeboards in Melton which I am aware of that are all free for businesses to advertise on.

Both of the Coles supermarkets (Woodgrove and Station Square) each have a noticeboard available to use.

The third option (as seen below) is located in the middle of Central Walk (on High Street) and is operated by Foodworks supermarket.

The fourth option I know of is a small one in Petstock at the top of High Street.

If you know of any more please feel free to comment at the bottom of this post.

Advertise Free on Foodworks Local Noticeboard

– Free to Advertise
– Ideal for Promotions and Coupons
– Often people here are looking for a bargain.
– It can look a bit messy and may damage the brand of some businesses.

3. Comment in Facebook Groups

Most businesses in 2019 have a business page on Facebook.

If not, it is free to setup a separate page from your personal profile and this article will show you how step by step.

The second stage is to connect with your community and it’s free to do so by joining locally based Facebook Groups.

Melton is fortunate to have a range of well supported groups that allow local residents and businesses to post products or services for sale.

Just be sure to read through the guidelines for each group before creating a post.

Here are a few to get you started:

Facebook Groups in Melton

– High number of local residents.
– Great for researching opinions of other local businesses.
– Group members are often looking for bargains.
– Posts from businesses can often get ignored.

4. Build Profile on Instagram

Another free way to advertise and develop a brand around your business is to start an Instagram account.

To build an Instagram following the business does need to post photos and updates regularly but it doesn’t take very long to yield results.

Caroline Springs Framing began their Instagram page in November 2018 and have since posted over 200 times.

Now they have a solid foundation of local followers who like and comment on their posts regularly.

Instagram Caroline Springs Framing Profile

– Easy to build and define your brand.
– Can test a variety of strategies and post types to promote your business.
– Requires regular time and effort.
– ROI is difficult to measure as it’s impossible track local visitors.

5. Advertise on Gumtree

The fifth way to advertise for free in Melton is to post an advert on Gumtree.

You could choose to spend money to attract more attention but the free advertisements in Melton can actually work quite well.

These two businesses listed on Gumtree below are both based locally and received plenty of visits in just two days.

Advertise Free Gumtree Melton Examples

– It’s free and can generate lots of visitors.
– Can target local residents.
– Attracts lots of tyre kickers. Customers looking but not buying.
– Need to re-post ads weekly as they lose effectiveness as new ads are added.

6. Have Your Lunch In Car Parks

If you have a business vehicle with signage on it, you might be consider finding customers while your eating your lunch.

On three separate occasions I have observed one ‘tradie’ having lunch in his van parked outside Coles at Station Square.

The first time, nothing happened but I barely took any real notice.

On the second occasion, two separate supermarket shoppers approached the van to make an enquiry within ten minutes.

Finally, the third time, I decided to wait for an hour to see what would happen…

The man received two more enquiries in that hour with the second one appearing to be his next job.

– Finds customers ready to buy.
– Can be incorporated into a normal daily schedule.
– Cost of signage on vehicle but most tradies already have that.
– Other than the temptation to buy lunch everyday I couldn’t think of another disadvantage to this strategy.

7. Yellow Pages

Another great way to advertise for free is on Yellow pages.

With over 6 million Aussie visitors every month, Yellow is still a powerful place to list your business.

Unlike the old phonebook, getting your business onto the online version of Yellow Pages is free and easy.

You can register in minutes by visiting the sign up page here.

Yellow Pages Advertise Listing Electrician Brookfield

– Quick and easy setup.
– Targets sometimes older, wealthier customers who search to buy.
– There are a few more but I prefer to save those for clients.
– I could ‘t find a con here, so I highly recommend it for local businesses.

8. Word of Mouth

The cheapest and most effective form of advertising is word of mouth which is usually earned by delivering excellent customer service.

And word of mouth is just as valuable online as it is in person.

These days 72% of customers will trust online reviews from people they have never met.

And so an important part for any business in 2019 is having a strategy in place to collect and reply to customer reviews.

Advertise by Word of Mouth

– Challenges staff to go the extra mile.
– Collecting great customer reviews help convert future customers.
– Smiling and being kind is still the cheapest and best way to advertise.
– There is no negative aspect in providing excellent customer service.

9. Google My Business

According to a recent study by Ray Morgan, around 50% of Australians use Google everyday.

And with a Google My Business profile, any business can be found on Page 1 of Google’s local search results.

It works like a mini website and provides customers enough information to make a purchasing decision.

With the average Australian profile getting over 1000 views per month, setting up a profile should be the priority of every business, large or small.

Did I mention that its always free, easier to use than Facebook and often favours small businesses over large chains?

No doubt you have come across a Google My Business profile when looking for a business online.

Here’s an example for when I recently searched for cafes in Caroline Springs.

Google My Business Example Advertise

To learn more you can setup your own Google My Business profile with this guide.

Or if you already have one check out this article I wrote that will help any business rank in the Top 3.

– The easiest and most effective way to advertise a local business for free.
– Customers arrive ready to buy.
– Requires a bit of effort to setup and maintain ongoing.
– Knowledge is required to reach the top 3 where results can be excellent.

Special Offer For City Of Melton

Google My Business Free Offer

I will personally setup or optimise any Google My Business profile and guide it to the Top 3 of your industry for free.

Afterwards, you will know how to maintain that ranking and won’t require my help.

My offer is available to one business per industry and operates on a first in, first serve basis.

For more details go to the Free Offer section below Number 33.

How to Advertise Cheaply in Melton

If you are happy to invest a little bit into your marketing, here are a few options in Melton worth experimenting with.

10. Letterbox Advertising

When it comes to delivering your message via the letterbox, it really does depend on what your selling.

Studies have shown that flyers can generate a customer lead rate of around 20-30 from every 1000 delivered.

In Melton, it’s common to receive 3-4 advertisements from Real Estate agents every week. 

If you happen to be selling houses, 20-30 leads is a great return on investment. 

But if your not selling houses, letterbox delivery could be a waste of time and money.

Real Estate Letterbox Flyer

– Relatively cheap to print and deliver.
– 1000 will often equal about 20-30 leads.
– Takes time and money to design and test flyers that work.
– For some businesses 20-30 leads from 1000 is a terrible ROI.

11. Local Sponsorship

Sponsoring non-profit organisations is the ultimate advertising strategy for a local business.

Partnering with any organisation benefits the whole community, but choosing the right non-profit can lead to amazing results for businesses too.

There are a wide variety to choose from such as:

  • Church and Religion
  • Schools and Education
  • Community Welfare Groups
  • Sporting Clubs
  • Hospitals
  • Girl Guides and Boy Scouts
  • Local Charities

The key to choosing the right group is to compare your own type of customers to the people involved with the proposed non-profit.

One common example in Melton is where Real Estate agents use large signs to help promote community events, in particular family days.

This sign by YPA was promoting an upcoming family event which ties in well for their target market.

Local Sponsorship Sign

– Engages with the community.
– Aligns with the values of organisation you sponsor.
– Can convert customers from local rivals.
– Upfront cost can be expensive.
– Some events can require time and money to participate.

12. Advertise in School Newsletters

For a reasonable fee its possible to advertise in a local school newsletter.

School newsletters are great places to advertise because they are often kept around the house for weeks to remind parents of upcoming dates and events. 

Some might even linger for years if the child’s name is mentioned in an achievement.

This advertisement of a local dentist was found in the newsletter of a primary school based in Melton West.

Wedge Park Primary Newsletter Advertisement

– Helping local schools is huge in a small community.
– Directly accesses parents who are spending on everything.
– Parents are constantly sharing information with other parents.
– I couldn’t think of a negative when it involves investing into the children of our local community.

13. Exchange Business Cards

This is where you partner with another local business and display each other’s business cards in your stores.

A great example is when a mechanic might display business cards of a local tyre shop or panel beater.

Customers of each business can become customers for both.

In some cases, customers will appreciate being recommended of a place they can go to solve their other problems.

– Customers of similar target markets are exposed to your business.
– Advertising in two places at once.
– Helping promote other local businesses feels good.
– Customers can take cards and never use them.
– Too many cards from other businesses requires a neat place to display them.

14. Set Up Stall at Local Market

Setting up a stall at a local market is another good way to sell your products directly to the community.

Markets generate a lot of foot traffic and can provide businesses the chance to educate potential customers about their products.

Here is an example of a local business at the Darley Market near Bacchus Marsh.

Darley Market Stall

– Excellent place to meet customers and sell products.
– Ideal setting to train new staff.
– Markets often operate on weekends.
– Cost of setup and market fees/insurance.
– Bad weather can reduce foot traffic and damage stock.

15. Sell on Ebay or Amazon

If your business has items that you can send or allow customers to pick up, Ebay and Amazon are another great way to advertise your products in Melton.

Actually, for testing new products, online marketplaces are highly recommended.

Ebay and Amazon already have thousands of daily shoppers, it’s often free to list and you will soon learn the correct pricing strategy for the new items.

– Huge traffic of buying customers both in and outside of Melton.
– Pay for advertising costs only after a sale is made.
– Fast way to build an email list.
– Around 8% fees on all sales.
– Takes time to photograph and setup listings.
– Time to package and post items.

16. Door Knocking

Door to door sales is one of the original advertising methods but in recent times has lost credibility.

Even so, door knocking is still the sole form of advertising for many businesses across Melbourne which suggests it still works.

It is important though to follow all government guidelines.

Advertise Door to Door Sales

– The only cost is time and effort.
– Develops sales technique and product knowledge.
– Many homes have no salespeople stickers.
– Hourly ROI is dependent on margin of products.
– Difficult to carry lots of products.
– Poor public image of door knockers.

17. Street Signage

Number 17 is to advertise by using the space outside of your business to promote your products and services.

Clean professional signage can be a worthwhile investment and Sign Perfection on High Street is a solid choice.

In the example below, without this sign customers may not know that Stone Bar and Grill offer takeaway pizzas.

Advertise Outside Stone Bar and Grill

– Customers can find you easier.
– Promotions can earn impulse purchases.
– Reduces information staff need to explain.
– Cost of Design and Setup.
– Requires a graphic designer to look professional.
– Message can become stale or outdated.

18. Advertise on Customer Cars and Houses

Another common theme in Melton is to leave stickers and signs on customers cars and houses. 

It’s an ideal way for businesses such as mechanics and tradies to spread their message.

No doubt everyone in Melton has seen a Bishops Ink Tattoo advert on the back of a car window.

Painting Sign on Customer House

– Potential customers will see stickers while sitting in cars.
– Demonstrates customers were happy with a service.
– Cost of stickers and design.
– Impossible to measure the results.
– Stickers could be seen on cars and houses with poor image.

19. Advertise on Parked Car or Truck

Another method that is popular in Melton is to park your signed car or truck in a place that is easy to see by passing traffic.

One common place in Melton is to park on the service road on High Street near the roundabout at Coburns Road.

Be sure to check council regulations before parking anywhere that might incur a fine.

Here is a truck advertising a furniture shop at the corner of High Street and Ferries Road.

Furniture Store Melton Using Truck to Advertise High Street

– Easy to see for drivers passing by.
– Can be moved to different locations.
– Cost of signage.
– The parked vehicle could be used for daily business.

20. Advertise on Freeway

When driving into Melton there are numerous farms that you could ask to put up a sign.

It may involve a weekly cost but at this stage there are only housing developers, government agencies and one farm helping local sporting clubs recruit players around Leakes Road.

With bottlenecks being common around Melton why not have them slowing down near a sign that promotes your business.

– Great number of vehicles passing through.
– Excellent timing for drivers coming home or leaving for work. Cons
– Cost of signage and rental.
– Finding a property willing to host signage.
– Difficult to measure results.

21. Advertise With Other Businesses

This method of advertising is where you bundle products and services with other businesses into a packaged deal.

For example: A restaurant might include a movie ticket with the price of a meal.

This has the benefit of advertising in a place that potential customers are likely to visit.

Another example might be a hairdresser including coffee from a nearby cafe.

– Two local businesses working for each other.
– Conversion of customers from local rivals.
– Other business may misinform about promotion.
– Finding the right partner to match could be a challenge.

22. Venture Melton

Venture Melton is a program run by the council designed to provide local businesses a place to network with other owners.

The annual membership ($90) includes a long list of benefits which you can find on this page.

You can hear from expert speakers, build local relationships and attend workshops where you can learn a range of new business skills.

Plus they offer free mentoring, opportunities to promote your business and private consultations with experts.

– Discuss local issues with other business owners.
– Learn modern strategies and ideas from experts.
– The time it takes to attend the events.
But even if you only receive one idea that helps your business its a small price to pay.

Premium Advertising Options in Melton

Here are a few advertising methods that require significant investment.

But if used successfully, can bring about domination of your local industry.

23. Advertise at Reading CINEMA

Cinema Advertising is much easier to access than most owners would believe because most of the work is done for you.

And to advertise at Melton’s only cinema all you need to do to get started is visit Val Morgan’s website.

When I requested a quote in July 2019, production costs were around $1000 and then the ongoing cost of running the ads began at $125 per week.

The last five years have seen huge upward trends worldwide in the effectiveness of cinema advertising when attracting new customers.

– Recall from Cinema Advertising is up to 6 times better than TV and cheaper too.
– The City of Melton loves going to the cinema.
– Imagine seeing your business on the BIG screen.
– Cost of setup is huge for small business.
– Cinema goers are dazzled by the movie’s events and potentially forget the advertising at the start.

24. Advertise On Local Radio

An avenue that helps you create great content that can be used in a variety of channels is advertising on a local radio station.

Regardless of the outcome, you will have a piece of audio that can be posted on social media, adapted to videos and used for customers on-hold during calls.

In Melton, we are fortunate to have our own local radio station in 97.9 FM. You can find out more information about becoming a sponsor here.

– Radio is an effective way to promote local products.
– Local radio for Melton is relevant to our community.
– Can later add video or images to the audio and create a powerful video.
– Most Melton residents listen to metro stations which are far too expensive to achieve a positive ROI.

25. Advertise In The Local Newspaper

Every Tuesday evening the Star Weekly is delivered free across our city and is packed full of real estate ads and local news. 

In particular, the trades section seems to be a solid place to advertise as many of the businesses there have been printed in the paper for years.

To advertise in the local paper visit the Star Weekly Melton website here.

Star Weekly Advertisement Melton

– Large audience of local readers.
– House hunters read every page.
– Much cheaper than metro papers.
– Difficult to measure success.
– Your advert disappears a week later.
– Bad weather reduces readership.
– Are you reaching your ideal target audience?

26. Advertise On the Back of A Bus

We’ve all seen the orange buses circulating around town.

But often due to cost, the advertisements on those buses are from large corporations and movie promoters outside of Melton.

However, recently I saw an advertisement on the back of a bus that was actually promoting a business in Melton (well it was in Plumpton).

Your best place to get a tailored quote is with Melbourne Billboards who specialise in bus advertising.

Advertise on the Back of a Bus

– Great exposure to drivers.
– Big prominent display.
– Excellent branding.
– Expensive for small business.
– Hard to measure results.
– Graphic designer required.

27. Advertise at Trade Shows and Local Events

Trade shows include any place like the Bridal Expo in Plumpton, the Psychic Expo at Tabcorp or even the Djerriwarrh Festival in November.

Often its a great place to promote your business to a huge number of customers in your specific industry.

It can be expensive, but if its the right event the results can be a game changer for any small business.

– Can direct products to right target market.
– Bonus publicity from event organisers.
– Perceived as industry experts when attending.
– Email collection.
– Expensive to attend.
– Lots of staff needed.
– Bad weather can reduce attendance.
– Often have big rivals attend same event.

28. Donate Products to Charity

This is when a business donates a product or service to a local charity that is fundraising with a raffle or similar.

But often some businesses are either slow or tight and therefore miss out on the best benefits. Here’s why:

When the prize is generous and given early, the business receives a longer period of community goodwill and the prize gets spoken about regularly.

Simply put, there is probably few better ways to build a positive brand image within the local community.

– Increases community goodwill towards business.
– Develops association that product is available at your business.
– Charity may not attract ideal target market.
– Charity may not be pro-active in spreading the word.

29. Advertise on Billboards

There are not many billboards available in Melton to advertise on, but there is one outside of Woodgrove that is worth a mention.

Westpoint Ford is a car dealer and service repair business on High Street. They have entered into a clever arrangement with Muffin Break which is located inside the Woodgrove Shopping Centre.

Together they rent this billboard (below) on the outside of the shopping centre which promotes their partnership.

Get a free coffee while we service your car and why not borrow our car to collect your shopping.

This is a great example of how networking with other businesses can help get your message in front of more local residents.

Melton Woodgrove Shopping Centre Advertise Billboard

– With an offer a billboard becomes a powerful advertising tool. – Puts your message in a highly trafficked area of town.
– Can be expensive to setup and rent ongoing.
– Often paying to advertise to ‘everyone’ when a different method can focus on a specific target market and achieve a better return on investment.

30. Advertise in Woodgrove Shopping Centre

It’s also possible to hire a space and sell your products directly inside Woodgrove shopping centre.

Personally, I have seen Gyms, Swim Schools, Cars, Roof Repairers and Furniture dealers all selling their products directly to shoppers walking by.

You can enquire for casual or permanent leasing here.

– The best place to advertise products in Melton for most exposure (over 8 million visitors per year).
– Great way to educate the public about how you do business. Cons
– Costs around $1000 per week + insurance.
– Many shoppers avoid salespeople like the plague.
– Better results often come from trained salespeople which are often the same staff needed in your actual store.


Yep, there is an option in Melton to advertise your business on the back of the toilet doors in Woodgrove and Coburns Central.

At $880 per fortnight it’s not exactly cheap. 

For that amount though, your A4 advertisement is placed on every toilet door and above each hand dryer in both shopping centres.

To advertise on the back of a toilet door email contact Leanne Evans by email L.Evans@wd.qic.com

Woodgrove Shopping Centre Toilet Advertising

– Excellent option for branding.
– Time for customers to consider your offer.
– No way to track results.
– Difficult to get an advert to appeal to both genders.
– It’s a public toilet and most people are trying to get out asap.

32. Advertise On Facebook

Businesses in Melton can also advertise directly on Facebook to the specific type of customer they are looking for.

A staggering 50% of all Australians use Facebook daily which gives business owners access to potentially 75 000 Melton residents.

And there is always the potential on social media for a clever post or advertisement to go viral!

– Advertise directly to the exact Melton audience you want.
– Can run multiple campaigns cheaply and measure for best results.
– Cost per click is rising to unprofitable numbers.
– Now requires an excellent landing page to make a profit.
– People usually go to Facebook for entertainment.

Local Facebook Expert

Melton is very fortunate to have a local expert in Facebook and Instagram marketing in SBP Creative Media.

They are based in the Western BACE offices at 222 Ferris Road, Melton South.

SBP Creative Media uses years of expertise in digital marketing to increase the chances of running successful social media campaigns for local businesses.

Contact Lachlan on 0425 270 622 or email by lachlan@sbpcreativemedia.com.au

33. Advertise on Google

The final way to advertise is a bit like Facebook in that unfortunately, the cost per click has gotten a bit too expensive in recent years.

I’m talking about Google Adwords.

Even so, it’s a great way to appear first in Local Search results and be seen above your rivals.

Before you jump in though, here are some statistics that you should consider.

Google Adwords example Melton Real estate

Google Adwords is still the most effective way to advertise a business online. Almost every digital marketer would agree.

But as you can see above, filling in and optimising your Google My Business profile can still achieve a share of 44% of the traffic without spending any money.

You can take advantage of my free offer to all businesses within the City of Melton further below.

– Google always rotates ads on the first page of results.
– Each click is from a customer searching for a business like yours.
– A business with an ad plus a highly ranked profile could be getting 50%+ of the local clicks. Complete domination.
– The landing page requires ongoing testing to make a Return on Investment.
– There are free ways to get on Page 1 such as optimising your Google My Business profile.

Free Offer

For local businesses, the best way to advertise is through Google My Business (author’s opinion).

It’s free, is no different to posting on Facebook and gets your business onto page 1 of Google Search and onto Google Maps.

And I would like to prove it to you by offering Free setup or advice on any Google My Business profile within the City of Melton.

Simply email josh@changingyourbusiness.com to find out more.


The purpose of this list is to give business owners of Melton a range of options to promote their services.

Customer habits are always changing and so it is important to keep testing out new ways to spread your message.

Now its your turn. Have I missed any? Is there any here that you have tried? How did it go?

Leave a comment below.

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